What Is An Eyebrow Implant Procedure

Many people are not happy with how they look and quite a few are turning to using eyebrow implant surgery are a way to augment their appearance. Often times people are not happy with their facial looks and eyebrows can actually be a big part of that. The eyebrows are very expressive and are able to show all kinds of emotion so it is no wonder that they are also play such a large roll in what people see when they look at our faces. Most people who are looking for this type of surgery are doing so because they either have had some sort of accident , like a cut, that has changed the shape or they are just unhappy with the shape they were naturally given.

The eyebrow hair implant is really not that different from other types of hair transplants and the same methods are being used in both arenas. The basic idea is a hair implant surgeon will remove growing hair follicles from some other area of the body and implant those into the brow line. Usually the hairs which are used for the eyebrow transplant procedure are removed from some area of the scalp as this hair matches the natural eyebrow hair closer than other body hair. Hair from other parts of the body tends to be thicker and courser than hair from the upper face and head so it tends to really stand out if used as eyebrow implants. This type of body hair can be used quite well on the scalp as a filler but is not recommended for the hair line either.

When the hair implantation surgeon removes the hair follicles he or she is very careful to not allow damage any of the support structures. The follicle and the adjoining sebaceous glands along with the adventitial sheath and all other vascular and nervous system structures are all removed as a follicular unit for implantation. Before being implanted the follicular unit is cleaned of all fatty tissue and dermal and epidermal scraps that may be present. Infection around the eye is very dangerous so the eyebrow transplant surgeon will be very careful to remove any excess materials.

Generally, the procedure will start with the surgeon mapping out the desired shape of the eyebrows. This is determined by the patient choosing a shape from the thousands of possibilities. Modern computer software actually allows the eyebrow hair implants clinic to superimpose the different shape brows on the face of the patient so he or she can view the results.

The eyebrow implant physician will then begin to implant the prepared follicular units. Depending upon the desired look and the size of the reconstruction, it is very possible that several hundred up to a few thousand implanted eyebrow units will be needed. This can be determined by the attending doctor.

After the surgery the recuperation time is really not long at all. Generally there will be puffiness and some bruising but this starts to fade within a few days and is usually gone in a week. The new eyebrow implants are actually inserted into very small round incisions so there is not much disruption of the facial skin at all.

If you are not happy with your looks then check out a free consultation at an eyebrow implants clinic. Not all clinic offer this procedure so be sure to use one that specializes as opposed to just doing it part time.

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