Eyebrow Hair Transplants Offer A Fuller Look

For centuries women have been forced to do all kinds of things to give their eyebrows the shape and fullness they desire.  The ancient philosophers believed that the eyes were the windows to our soul.  They felt that by staring into a lover’s eyes we could see into their heart and what was held there.  If this is true, which most people still believe today, then the eyebrows can be thought of as the window dressing for the portal to our inner selves.  Perhaps this is why women have spent so much time shaping and darkening their brows, it was to focus attention on this important part of their personality.

For most of recorded history if a woman, and sometimes a man, wanted thicker and darker brows they were forced to color them some way.  Usually this meant using an eyeliner pencil recently and before that some other type of darkening agent.  Recently, tattoos have been popular in some circles as a way to develop darker accents.  These are really less than perfect, in fact, upon close inspection they tend to look more like clown make up than anything else.  This is why eyebrow implants have become so popular in recent years.  This is the new cosmetic surgery that is sweeping the fashion world in New York and Hollywood.

The eyebrow transplant procedure was actually first used clear back in the 1930’s in Japan.  At that time, several Japanese doctors were experimenting with facial hair implants for men.  In particular, many men wanted a fuller beard and mustache but their genetic makeup did not allow for this.  Instead, these men would have thin hairs which really looked bad when they grew out because they did not cover the face.  Think of a perpetual adolescent beard and you will know what I mean.

While doing facial hair implants in men the question came up about eyebrow hair implants for women who needed a fuller looking brow.  After much experimentation, it was determined that the best hair for this procedure is found at the nap of the neck.  Normal scalp hair really grows to fast so it required constant trimming and it also is thicker that the hairs found around the eyes.  Body hairs were way to thick and massive to provide the delicate look that was needed.  On the other hand, the hairs found at the base of the skull matched almost perfectly in texture and they were usually very close to the same color as the brow hairs.

This procedure went out of favor for several decades but it is now making a big comeback with the advent of micro-surgical techniques which allow for removal and implantation of hairs without any incisions or suturing necessary.  A medical device is used to remove the individual hair follicles and then directly implant them into the area above the eye.  With careful planning and execution the surgeon can reshape and fill this area in any way desired.

If you are tired of continually working on your eyebrows in order to keep your window dressing in order then check out the eyebrow hair transplant procedure and see if it won’t help you to have the fuller and thicker look you desire.