Hair Implants Treat Thinning Hair

Hair implants can be used to treat thinning hair and male pattern baldness with good and lasting results. Hair implants for men can be an effective option for men who have started to notice that their hair is thinning, but implantations can even help men who suffer from severe losses of hair. If the implantation is professional, it is almost impossible to notice that an implant has been used, and the result will be permanent.

What causes hair loss in men? The thinning of hair and the loss of hair are mainly genetically determined. Located inside the scalp are hair follicles, and depending on individual genes these can last for the whole life of they can slowly start to disappear as a man ages. The hair produced by the weaker follicles gets thinner and thinner. This hair will be lighter, and it is not rooted as deep in the scalp as healthy hair. After a while, the follicles will die and produce no hair at all. This results in what is called male pattern baldness.

This means that the causes of baldness in men are determined by a man’s genes already at birth. What usually happens is that the hair in one part of the head grows slower than before. The growth will just get slower over time, and eventually it stops. Most men suffering from male pattern baldness usually have at least some hair left on their heads though. Often times this remaining hair growth is in the shape of a horseshoe when a man’s head is viewed from the top. This remaining growth is the donor area from which the hair implants are transplanted.

In hair transplantation, skin that contains hair follicles is simply moved from a part of the body to the area that is getting bald. The latest and most modern technology used in hair implantation is the follicular unit extraction technology. The FUE is a way to implant natural hairs without having to use complicated surgery

Hair grows naturally in groups of one to four hairs. The so-called “donor hair” is taken from either a strip of the scalp that is removed while you have received a local anesthetic. The Follicular Unit Extraction method means that individual hair follicles are first removed from one part of the body and then inserted into the area that suffers from baldness or thinning of the hair.

The newest technologies in hair implantation create hair that looks natural and avoid the unaesthetic appearance of the older ways of restoring hair. The Follicular Unit transplantation technique is scientifically created to achieve results that look as natural as possible. The hair follicles will be inserted into the scalp with the help of an implanter.

This technology often leads to permanent results. The hair will even keep growing for as long as you live. You will be able to cut and dye the hair as you wish, and treat it just like your original hair. How much the transplantation costs and how long it takes naturally depends on how much hair you have lost already and how much hair is needed. It also depends on how thick you expect your new hair to be.

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