Hair Implants Facts

If you don’t have hair where you want it then hair implants can go a long way toward giving you the look you desire. Most of the time people talk about hair implants as they pertain to bald spots on the head. Usually these bald spots are caused by male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Both of these conditions is caused by the same thing, a build up of the testosterone metabolite DHT. This build up creates a barrier between the hair follicle and the blood supply for that follicle. This results in a shutting off of the oxygen and nutrient flow to the follicle which eventually results in the hair shaft dieing  falling out.

The most common use of hair implants is a way to deal with this type of baldness. Implants hair loss easily dealt with as the procedure has become more popular and the techniques have been improved to the point that it is a very simple procedure. This method of hair implant was actually developed in the 1930’s in pre-World but the information lost during the war. I wasn’t until the 1950’s that research into this method of hair transplantation was started in the US. The Japanese studies and research actually focused on eyebrow implants much more than for implants on the head. Apparently, the facial hair implants was more important than determining how to deal with a loss of hair cased by male or female pattern baldness.

Research in this country for hair implant has been centered around the treatment of baldness in men. One reason for this is that the method of hair implantation that was used up until the 1990’s required section of scalp with good hair growth to use as a donor area. The surgeon would actually remove a portion of scalp and then suture this area shut. An assistant would then remove each individual hair follicle, clean it, and prepare it for implantation. The surgeon would insert the hair units into the scalp where the bald spot was. After transplantation the hair would continue to grow just like as if it was still in the donor area. Eventually the DHT would build up on the follicle of this new hair unit but it would take several years.

The cost of hair implants varies depending on several factors. Of course the biggest factor is how many individual hair units need to be transplanted. The bigger the bald area the more hair implants that are needed. Generally, the cost of hair implants is between $3 and $7 each. So it goes without saying that the more hair units that need to be inserted the higher the resulting cost.

Another method of hair implanting that is available involves using synthetic hair implants. These are inserted just like the ones donated from the patient’s scalp. The difference is they are man made hair implants and thus they won’t grow. Styling the hair of someone with artificial hair implants can be tricky because the growing natural hair needs to be trimmed to match the synthetic hair but the salon person must be careful not trim the part that won’t grow. These hair implants from artificial materials are usually cheaper than the procedure involving the person’s own hair.

Hair implants are a great way to get hair growing in the bald spot again because they look completely natural. The new transplant techniques also allow for eyebrow implants as well as other facial hair implants. You really should consider a hair transplantation method if you need to get hair growing somewhere that it is not.

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