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Why aren’t you doing something to treat that bald spot. With modern technology there are fabulous methods available to give you natural growing hair in that hair loss region again. You don’t have to continue with the embarrassment of people looking at your head. You know what they thinking and it is time to put a stop to it. The best method for getting hair that is your own and growing is to have a hair implantation procedure done. This method is the absolute top of the line for someone who wants to treat their hair loss. Hair implants costs vary widely and are based on a variety of factors that we will look at.

First a little history, hair implants were originally developed in the 1930’s in Japan. Most of the work was with eyebrow hair but there was some baldness therapy at this time also. During World War II most of the information was lost and the idea of transplanting hair was given up. Then in the 1950’s an American cosmetic surgeon started to experiment with the procedure because so many men were losing their hair and needed an alternative to the toupee. The toupee had become a laughing stock because of all the comedy movies that showed guys losing there hair pieces in the most inopportune times.

The results from this early work was not very good. This is where the term hair plugs came from. The surgeons at this time did not have micro-surgical techniques available so they had to work with fairly large clumps of scalp. The hair implant costs were fairly high at this time but the results didn’t really warrant it.

In these first procedures a surgeon would remove a portion of scalp from the back of the head that still had good hair growth. The area this piece was removed from was then sutured back together. These pieces of scalp with the hair follicles intact were then divided up and transplanted into the bald spot. This provided little clumps of hair instead of a smooth hair growth. These clumps looked like the hair on a doll’s head that is plugged into the skull and thus the term hair plugs was termed. This was the state of the art, with some improvements, until the mid 90’s when micro-technologies could be incorporated. At this point it was now possible to remove individual hair follicles from these patches of scalp and implant them individually. This gave a very nice look because the hair was spread out and could be placed in a direction that would allow for the hairs to match the lay of the surrounding hair. The hair implants costs increased at this time but the results were so much better that it was worth it.

About ten years ago another method was developed call Follicular Unit Extraction. This method allowed for the removal of individual follicles instead of the removal of an entire piece of scalp. With the standard hair implantation technique there was always some scarring at the back of the head where the donor scalp was removed from. With the new FUE method there is no scarring. In fact the removal sites look like pin pricks and are usually healed within a few days. The use of this method allowed for hair donor sites other than the scalp. Hair could be removed from any area of the body and transplanted into the balding spot. The use of this method does have an affect on the over all hair implant cost but it is a much nicer and cleaner method.

Other factors that can influence the hair implant price are the size of the bald area to be treated and the structure, color, and texture of the hair shafts. It goes without saying that the bigger an area there is that needs to be treated the more individual hair implants that will be needed and the higher the cost. People with one small patch will have a lower overall charge than the people who are missing hair on most of their scalp.

The hair itself makes a big difference also. Dark hair tends to cover up the area easier than light or blond hair thus there would be less implant units needed. Also, thick hair will cover better than thin hair so again less would be needed. If the hair loss is at the hair line then the hair implants cost will go up because the surgeon needs to be very careful about the placement of the individual hair units. If the patch is away from the forehead it is very easy to fill in with body hair.

If you are suffering from hair loss then you need to look into all options. I think hair implantation or hair transplantation is the absolute best way to get a new head of hair.

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  • At our El Paso, Texas practice, we offer hair restoration surgery and transplants to help our patients regain their confidence. We use a state-of-the-art micro-hair transplantation technique that has replaced methods of the past that used “plugs” or larger grafts of hair, which were often noticeable. With our modern techniques, no one will know you’ve had hair restoration surgery because the transplants are so small that they’re practically undetectable.

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