Hair Implants Can Change Your Life

If you are like most men and women with hair loss problems you have looked at hair implants a little but you really don’t know if they are right for you. Hair loss usually doesn’t start all at once. It builds up over time and then one morning you look in the mirror and realize you have thinning hair or maybe even a complete bald spot. At this point you try several hair growth products, maybe a cream or some shampoo, but you don’t have any luck getting your hair to grow once again. It is now time to get serious and get back that youthful looking head of hair you once had.

The hair implantation procedure is the only method of hair restoration that is almost 100% successful at covering your bald spot with growing, thick, vibrant hair. You could get a toupee I guess, or as they call them now a hair replacement system, but you and I know this is only a stop gap measure. Besides that, who wants their hair falling off when they least expect it. No, the only system you should be looking at for hair growth is hair implantation also known as hair transplantation.

Hair Implants For Men

So how does the hair implant procedure work? It is really quite simple. There are two methods in use today for implanting hair into bald areas. The first method is known as the standard hair implanting procedure. This method requires an area of the scalp that still has good hair growth to use as a donor area. Luckily, this is usually found at the back of the head. When men suffer from male pattern baldness they tend to lose the hair on the top of the head near the front and at the crown. This hair loss problem is genetically based and the genes that cause male pattern baldness cause the loss at these areas first. As the condition progresses the hair loss will move down the head toward the ears and also nearer to the back of the head.

This usually leaves a very good donor area at the back of the head. If you have noticed a guy can have absolutely no hair on the top of his head but still have good growth above the collar line. This area of hair is essential to success with the standard method.

The first step to the getting the hair implants surgery is for the doctor to actually remove a strip of scalp with the attached hairs from the donor area. The slit that results is then sutured back together and scar lessening lotion applied. Since this very small scar is at the back of the head it is not noticeable. The hair growth surrounding the scar will quickly cover it up and if you continue to apply anti-scarring creams you will have a very faint line at worse.

The next step is to remove the hair follicle and shaft units from this strip of scalp. All the associated parts of the hair unit are removed along with the hair shaft itself. These units are cleaned and then prepared for implantation. One of the big advancements in hair transplantation surgery was the realization that hair units do not grow independently of each other. Instead, they tend to grow in groups of one to four follicles. By transplanting the hair grafts in these groups the results are very much closer to the natural hair look that is being sought.

Since the late 1990’s surgeons have been very cognizant of these groupings of hair units and how the hair is directionally inserted into the scalp. By splaying these hairs out they tend to grow in the same direction as the hair that is still occurring naturally around the balding area. Hair implants are no longer just stuck into the scalp any which way. They are now inserted in differing angels in order to accentuate the appearance of the natural head of hair.

Hair Implants For Women

This standard method of hair transplants is known as the strip method. A second method as become popular for hair implant surgery when there is not a good donor area. This method is particularly appropriate for women because they do not generally have an area of good hair growth. In general, women tend to suffer from hair thinning along with hair loss or pattern baldness. Hair implants for women thus require that the hair surgeon find other ways to get donor hair than using the strip method. This new procedure is called follicular unit extraction and it has revolutionized how hair implant procedures are done.

With the follicular unit extraction, or FUE, method the hair units are individually removed from the skin and then prepared for insertion. The scarring is much less with this method. In fact, the only irritation looks like a pin prick and it heals up within a few days. Once the hair follicular units are removed and prepared the insertion procedure works the same as with the standard method.

The FUE method also works well for the use of hair grafting from other areas of the body. This body hair is not as fine as normally scalp hair but it can be used as filler when mixed with hair from the scalp. Often times the cosmetic surgeon will use transplanted scalp hair for the hair line and then fill in the center of the balding area with the body hair. This hair will grow just like your natural head hair and will blend in very well. This method really helps when dealing with female pattern baldness because it allows the surgeon to remove hair follicles individually and this gets away from the problems associated with thinning hair.

Hair Implants Can Improve Your Life

When a person starts to lose his or her hair it can really be a blow to their self-esteem. Hair, and how one looks in general, is tied very closely to self-worth in this country. When a person is bald others tend to look down on him or her and treat them like a second class citizen. The best hair implants can help with this as most people can’t tell you have had to procedure performed. It is fairly expensive but it is well worth your time and money to get back that youthful looking head of hair again.

You don’t need to go through the rest of your life with people thinking you are ten, fifteen, or twenty years older than you really are just because you have bald spots. Check out getting hair implants today and see how well you can look again. You will find self-esteem and confidence that you forgot you could have. Hair implantation can work wonders.

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