Hair Grafts Work Wonders On Baldness

Let’s clear something up right away which I think will show you why hair grafts are so important in the battle against baldness. You will hear all kinds of claims by hair loss treatment sellers that their product will re-grow hair. The fact of the matter is there is no product available today that will reactivate the growth of hair from hair follicles, they are also called the roots of the hair, that have been rendered ineffective by male pattern baldness. Now don’t get me wrong many of these treatments can slow down the balding and hair thinning process but once the hair has fallen out they will not miraculously start it to grow again in one month or one year.

The best way to get hair growing again is by using the hair graft system to implant new hairs into the section of the scalp where the old hairs fell out of. Hair grafts are nothing more than living hair follicles that are removed from one area of the scalp and implanted into the balding area. Within a few weeks the grafted hair starts to reattach to the support structure of the scalp including the vascular system and start to prepare to produce keratin the hair shaft material again. Usually, within a few months you will start to see new hair growth and at six months there is generally very good hair growth in the previously bald area.

The hair transplant grafts are removed from the back of the head which is done for two reasons. First, the patient rarely has hair loss in this area. 95% of men who experience balding do so on the top of the head either at the hair line, the crown, or the entire top. This leaves a lot of good growth at the back of the head which can easily be grafted into the bald spots.

When the hair grafts were first being used the surgeon would remove a fairly plug of scalp with about twenty to thirty intact hairs. This entire plug was then sewn into the scalp at the bald spot and the hole left from the removal was sutured shut. The results for this process were not very good. The patient looked like he had hair sticking up in every direction and it was hard to hide that fact that he had hair surgery.

Now, surgeons have perfected the hair grafting procedure to the point that the results are unnoticeable as to whether or not the patient has received hair grafts. The surgeon now implants each individual hair follicle graft into the scalp in a directional manner which matches the surrounding scalp hair growth. This gives a very natural looking result.

The hair graft cost is more expensive than most other treatments but since it is the only one that really treats baldness this is really a moot point. If you want a full head of hair look into hair grafts today. There is a lot of information all over on the web so do something about it now.

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