Get Your Hair Implant In Now

There is no time like the present, is how the old saying goes. That is doubly true about getting a hair implant in procedure now because your hair isn’t going to grow back by itself. Every day you wait is another day when you could have had that full head of hair back where it used to be. Getting hair implants on your head will do wonders for your self esteem and will give you that youthful look you have been missing.

The best hair implant is one that looks natural and doesn’t make the rest of your head look funny. It is important to have the new hairs spread out evenly and to be sure they are laying in the same direction as your natural hairs. When the cosmetic surgeon starts, the first thing he or she does is map out how the hair transplant units will be placed into the scalp. This is very important to be sure that as the new hair grows out it will grow in the same direction as the hair around the bald spot. It really is noticeable when the hairs are not placed in the proper direction and they grow crossways to the other hair shafts.

When you go to a hair implant clinic for your free consultation be sure to ask to see some hair implant before and after pictures so you can tell what kind of procedure the clinic does. I think you will find that most hair transplantation procedures offer a very nice looking head of hair and that the vast majority of people will not be able to tell you had the procedure.

One question people ask is are hair implants long lasting. The hair follicular unit, or hair root and shaft, that is transplanted will act just like a naturally growing hair follicle. That means it will grow and you will be able to style the hair any way you wish. The transplanted hair follicles will usually start to produce hair shaft material in a few weeks and you should see good hair growth in around a month. From then on the hair usually continues to get thicker and continue to grow for years. Once the follicles have completely embedded themselves in the scalp at the balding area they are attached with a root system and will not fall out or be pulled out any more than normal hair.

If you are in a big city the best way to find out about hair clinics in your area is to Google hair implants and your city. For example, you could search for hair implants San Francisco, hair implants Los Angeles, or hair implants New York. This will give you a Google listing of the hair clinics in your city. The next step is to contact them and ask for information. Many clinics offer an informational package they will send to you. They also will usually give you a free consultation to explain the hair implantation package.

Implants and hair loss is a fairly new treatment but it is one that is coming on quickly. Many celebrity hair implants are being performed on both men and women who are suffering from a loss of hair. In order to get your hair implant in the bald spot you will need to decide if you want to go with the scalp strip method or the follicular unit method. The first one is cheaper but it can leave a nasty scar on the top of the head. The second method is really much preferred because there is no scarring and the donor hair can be removed from several different areas of the body besides just the scalp.

If you are suffering from the embarrassment of being bald then why don’t you make a commitment today to find out about hair implants. Hair implant prices are going down with the bad economy so now is the time to get your bald spot covered up for good. There will never be a better time than now.

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