Eyebrow Transplant Surgery Can Straighten Your Brows

A new/old ( I will explain that in a minute) procedure involving hair is the eyebrow transplant. It is new because not many have been done in this country until recently and they are old because the procedures were first performed in Japan in the 1930’s. If you are not happy with your eyebrows then this is the best way to get a new look. Some people are doing eyebrow tattoos but to me that is just not worth it. Anyone who looks you in the eye up close will see the tattoo. When you get the eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed you actually are augmenting your facial hair with your own hair taken usually from the head.

You may be interested in eyebrow transplants for a variety of reasons. Maybe your brows are not even, with one being longer or thicker than the other. Or maybe you don’t like the shape. When you think about it, many people have brows that go up or down at the end and this can dramatically change their looks. Some people will appear to be surprised all the time and others will look like they are scowling. Any of these permanent expressions could be enough to want to change the shape of your brow.

The eyebrow transplantation surgery is very close to the hair restoration surgery that is used for a balding spot on a man’s head. Basically, hair follicular units are removed from an area of the head that has good hair growth. This area is usually at the back of the scalp because it is easy to hide the fact that some hairs have been removed and people generally don’t have thinning issues in this area. Also, if there is any small scarring due to the removal of the hair for the eyebrow transplants they will be easy to hide by combing the above over the removal site.

When preparing for the eyebrow implants procedure the surgeon will begin by sketching on the forehead the design for the new brows. Most hair restoration clinics now have computer software that allows patients to superimpose different eyebrow shapes onto a picture of their face to see what it looks like. It is now very easy for the person to see the end result before the transplanting has even started.

Next the surgeon will remove a group of hair follicular units from the donation area and his team of assistants will clean and prepare the individual follicles. Each of the units will include the follicle along with the sebaceous glands, the adventitial sheath and the other support structures. When it is time to start the implanting the surgeon will be careful to damage no part of the follicular unit and this will help dramatically with the success rate.

The eyebrow hair transplant cost is really based on two factors: the per graft charge of the clinic and the total area to be covered. It goes without saying that the larger the transplant area the higher the number of grafts the higher the cost. Some eyebrow transplants can have up to 3000 grafts but this is really fairly extreme. The individual hair restoration clinics have varying per graft costs but you can expect to pay between $3 and $7 each. This procedure can become expensive if a person wants a major change in how the shape of their eybrows.

If you are not happy with how your eyebrows look, whether it is from an accident or from genetic conditions, then you should check out this method that will give you the look you want. An eyebrow transplant can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

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