Eyebrow Implants

A Yiddish proverb states “The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” but when it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows we can say they are the natural frame of your soul’s mirror. Besides being an important factor in facial attractiveness, eyelashes and eyebrows symmetry can be broken by a defective shape or hair lose-related problems. Nowadays micro-surgery is the way to go when it comes to hair transplant or hair restoration of eyebrows as eyebrow implants can improve the overall appearance of your face dramatically.

While eyelashes and eyebrows can be damaged or lost due to congenital and hormonal defects, trauma and injuries, and mistakenly applied plucking; it sometimes is the result of medicine side effects, chemotherapy, surgery or cancer-related treatments. Microsurgery replaces with extreme precision and care the hair near the eyelid after dissecting individual hairs. Grafts obtained after the initial procedure are added one by one keeping in mind the face’s original symmetry.

However, it is necessary to differentiate reconstruction from transplantation, both are surgical procedures applied to eyebrow and eyelashes respectively. In eyebrow reconstruction grafts are taken from the scalp implanting the new hair into the eyebrow. Because face skin is very sensitive this procedure requires local anesthesia. Needless to say, eyebrow implants are performed by a hair transplant surgeon and do not require hospitalization.

Eyelash transplantation is a similar surgical procedure, but grafts are dissected individually to restore the missing natural hair follicles. This is an easy task for the trained surgeon. Because both of these procedures are performed with the patient under local anesthesia, it is necessary to tell the surgeon about any aesthetical-related problems the patient has faced in the past.

Once the grafts have been dissected into single follicular hair units, each of them are trimmed of all dermis and fat to avoid eye infection because we must remember the skin around the eyelid is delicate and thinner than any other skin area. The same care must also be taken with the eye’s cornea, which must be protected when undergoing eyelash transplantation surgery. Because hair follicle are implanted one by one, the procedure usually takes between one and three hours. But the time required for eyebrow implants vary depending on several factors such as desired eyebrow shape, size of damaged eyebrow area, etc.

Transplanted lashes are long-lasting and look natural and tend to grow longer than the patient’s natural eye lashes, hence a periodical lash trimming might be required, although length of eyelashes is a personal decision. On the other hand, eyebrow implants need a careful study of the restoration area, angle and direction eyebrow hairs. Depending on the extension of this area, surgeon may implant hundreds of new follicles that eventually will grow as well as the original eyebrow hair.

In eyebrow implants and eyelash transplantation there is minimal bleeding and there are generally no scars or side effects other than itching, but patients must refrain from scratching to avoid an infection. Before undergoing eyebrow or eyelash surgery, patients should consider seeking the advice of a couple of eyebrow implant surgeons to be sure they get best looking, symmetric results.

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