Eyebrow Hair Implants

Eyebrows determine the overall appearance of the face. Asymmetric eyebrows or shapeless eyebrows will give the face an imbalanced look this is why eyebrow hair implants are becoming so popular. Some people do not care that much about their looks and that is okay. Many people do care about their looks, though. Confidence and self esteem is often affected by a how a person looks. Self conscious people tend to be a little shy and have difficulty expressing their feelings. They may pass up opportunities or not participate in social activities that they would like to participate in. It is common knowledge that facial symmetry is an important part of the perception of beauty. The eyebrows are one of the primary influences of this symmetry so it is important to have great looking eyebrows.

Certain people are good candidates for eyebrow implants. Other people are not so good candidates. The causes of eyebrow loss will determine a person’s qualifications. There are two basic procedures. The first is a full replacement and the second is a partial replacement. Full eyebrow implants are generally for people who have lost all their eyebrows of some type of trauma. Fire is especially damaging but there are any number of things that can destroy eyebrows. Other people loose their eyebrows from diseases like psoriasis. Still others loose their eyebrows from medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. The people who loose their eyebrows from medical treatments are often not good candidates for eyebrow transplants. When the treatments are done the hair often grows back. Even if the treatments are continued, a transplant will not be successful because the new transplant will be affected by the medicines also.

Partial eyebrow replacement implants are usually done for cosmetic reasons. Some eyebrows are thin just like some hair is thinner than others. Some women prefer thicker eyebrows so they can keep up with changing fashions. Other eyebrows are just uneven. Partial eyebrow implants can fix all these problems. Partial eyebrow transplants are more effective when the eyebrows are not actively loosing hair. A scar that needs to be covered would be a good candidate for a partial eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow hair implants require the surgical moving of a single hair follicle from one part of the body to the eyebrow until the desired thickness and shape of the eyebrow is achieved. A local anesthetic is usually administered so that the patient is still awake but not able to feel any pain. The follicle is sutured in its new location. The sutures will usually dissolve on their own.

A well balanced eyebrow often requires the transplanting of about 400 hair follicles. Of course, this depends on how the area is that needs to be filled. Partial eyebrow implants will usually require less. The whole transplant process is often completed in one session and is preformed by a surgeon in a clinic. Afterward, the patient will need to return for check-ups to make sure the transplants have taken well and that no infection sets in. To help prevent infection, an antibiotic may be prescribed. Also a pain killer may be prescribed and instructions on how to wash and care for the new follicles will be given. The follicle will need to adapt to its new location and often the hair itself will fall out. This is normal and if the follicle is healthy then the hair will grow back in a short time.

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