Direct Hair Implants

If you have been thinking about getting hair implants but have put it off you need to know about direct hair implants or DHI. This revolutionary form of hair transplantation has completely changed the hair restoration game and made re-growing hair in your bald spot a breeze. There is now absolutely no reason at all to not give very strong consideration to a hair transplantation procedure in order to get back that youthful looking full head of hair.  It is now very easy and painless to use your own hair for transplanting instead of artificial hair implants, and it looks better too.

Direct hair implantation is different than the old style hair implant procedure in two very important ways. First, with the old technique it was required that a portion of the scalp was actually removed from the patients head and the resulting opening sutured up. This allowed for the possibility of infection as well as leaving a scar line that was noticeable upon close inspection. This removal was necessary because the patch of scalp with hair growth was used as donor material for the transplants. Once the portion was removed a trained technician would remove the individual hair units and prepare them for insertion. Thus the section of scalp was dissected and each individual hair removed for later insertion in the bald spot.

This has completely changed with the new methods. Now with unit follicular hair transplants the individual hair follicular units can be removed with a specially designed tool that leaves nothing more than a pin prick. The important point is not only does the hair come out but all the associated portions of the unit including the sebaceous glands and adventitial sheath. These are absolutely necessary for a successful transplant otherwise the new hair transplant unit will die just like the old one did.

Direct Hair Implant

Once the follicular unit is removed by use of the FUE or follicular unit extraction technique, then can be prepared for implantation. The units are carefully cleaned under a high power microscope which allows the hair transplant technician the ability to see even the smallest amount of foreign material that may result in a transplant that does not live. This attention do detail insures a result for the hair transplanting that is very acceptable to the person receiving the hair extracts.

The surgeon in the meantime has mapped out hair placement on the patients bald spot. This is a very important aspect of the procedure because it is necessary that the doctor insert the direct hair implants in such a way that the hair shaft match the direction of lay of the surrounding hairs. This was the problem with the origin hair transplant methods known as hair plugs. The hair was removed in clumps and then sown into the scalp at the bald spot. The problem was the hair shafts tended to stick out in every which way and were very noticeable. In fact, many people said the resulting hair job looked much worse than a bald spot because it was so obvious.

Once the surgeon maps out the area he can then proceed to insert the follicular hair units. A skilled surgeon is almost like an artist as he or she uses directional techniques to get a result that is absolutely amazing. The hair comes from the patients own head so of course it matches all the surrounding hair in texture and color. Then by being inserted with the direction of the other hair it can be unnoticeable.

This method works great for hair implants for women because women usually suffer from thinning hair along with female pattern baldness. This thinning hair problem tended to make finding a donor area very difficult. With the new follicular unit extraction method individual hair units can easily be transplanted to give a very good result even when the woman is experiencing hair thinning.

Body Hair Implants

This method also allows hair from other parts of the body to now be transplanted on the head. At first glance this may seem like it would give an unnatural appearance but in reality it works very well for filler hair. As it grows out it is unnoticeable and blends well with the surrounding scalp hair. The only place body hair doesn’t seem to work well is at the hair line around the face. In this area the hair extracted from the head is used and the remaining bald spot can be filled in with body hair if needed.

There is no longer a reason to put off getting hair implants to combat the embarrassment of bald spots. By the use of FUE or follicular unit extraction surgeons have now made the procedure must less invasive. You can now get a complete procedure done in under a day. Direct hair implants, DHI, have revolutionized hair loss treatments.

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