Hair Implants Make You Look Younger

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who that old guy is looking back at you? Are you on the dating scene again but you just can’t seem to get women interested in you? Are you worried about your job with all the young bucks coming up through the ranks? These are common feelings for men who have balding problems. The fact is, this culture still puts a premium on youth and if you look older than your years then finding a solution is something you must do today.

Hair implants can give you back the youthful look you used to have and allow you to start living your life again. If you don’t know about this procedure then read on, but first let me tell you about how important a full head of hair can be.

Can A Hair Implant Procedure Make A Difference

A few years ago a major newspaper in London did an experiment at an online dating site. They put up two profiles to see which would get the most response. The profiles were basically the same: doctor in his thirties, liked outdoor activities, interested in cultural events. The profiles had the same attributes in each one. There was one change made though. Using a photo manipulation program the picture for one of the bachelors had a receding hair line air brushed in. It was quite apparent that in this picture the guy was definitely beginning the balding process which was more than likely going to continue. The pictures were the same except for this touch up done on the hair line. The results surprised every one. The picture with a full head of hair had over three times more contacts than the one with the bald spot appearing. This goes to show you how important the amount of hair can be to your ability to find a date.

It is not only in love where hair makes a difference. Jobs are tight right now and many midlevel personnel are being let go in favor of younger workers who can offer the company more years of service. Did you know a man with hair loss is usually assumed to be ten to fifteen years older than his actual age? It is true. So if you are competing against these young guys the situation will be worse if people think your are 45 instead of 35 or even 60 instead of 45. This is one strike you definitely don’t need against you.

A hair implant procedure can do wonders to improve your looks and get you back on the road to a healthy, youthful persona again. The great thing is, with the economy in the tank many clinics are offering steep discounts right now just to get new patients. You could very well save 10 to 30% just by making the decision to take control of your hair today instead of waiting for the economy to improve. What are you waiting for?

Hair Implants

Hair implants surgery is really a very simple concept and new advances have made it simpler to perform. The idea is really quite ingenious. About 95% of the men who suffer from hair loss do so because of a genetic condition known as Androgenic Alopecia. This problem actually has the common name Male Pattern Baldness because that is what happens. The man loses his hair in set patterns. The two most common thinning areas are the hair line above the forehead and the crown area top of the head. Usually the patient will see the loss start in one of these two areas and then progress to the entire top of the head. Very rarely does he have thinning at the back of the head and this is the beauty of hair implants for men.

This area at the posterior section of the head actually has more hair follicles (hair units) than it needs and thus removing some makes no difference what-so-ever. These excess hairs can be removed from this area and then implanted into the balding spot where they will continue to grow for years to come. The procedure used to be quite messy with cutting and scarring involved but that has now changed as micro-surgical techniques have taken hold. You can now have the hair implants procedure done in a doctor’s office usually in one afternoon or two depending on how many follicle need to be transplanted. The results are just some pinprick looking irritations that go away within a few days. In fact, you can walk out of the clinic without any one even suspecting you have had the hair implantation procedure.

It usually takes a few months for the transplanted grafts to adjust to their new surroundings and re-establish themselves but when this occurs the hair will actually start to grow again. And there are no worries about this hair falling out because the hair at the back of the head is not susceptible to male pattern baldness like that on the top is. Thus you can have a nice, thick head of hair again and look your age, or maybe even a few years younger which is always a plus.

Hair implants for women have never been very successful until the new direct hair implants method came into existence. Now a hair restoration surgeon can actually transplant body hairs into the scalp to offer a fuller result.

Whether you are a man or a woman, thinning and balding hair is not something you need to live with. Find out all you can about the amazing hair implants process and I am sure you will agree with me that having a great looking head of hair is better than showing a bald spot.